Team Building, Team Coaching, Facilitation

We believe that smartly designed facilitated meetings are one of the most effective investments you can make to support team health and drive action towards a critical deliverables.

Well-designed activities that create build trust, encourage communication, address issues and produce action fuel the creative synergy needed to break through tough problems, source solutions and garner stakeholder commitment. Our facilitators design end to end for teams and organizations, from team building and team coaching to facilitated offsites that produce alignment and action on high stakes deliverables.

We believe in designing success to produce the results that you want.

Team building

Team building cultivates awareness and trust between team members and begins the process of establishing a positive productive working culture within or between teams. Often team building sessions include skill building in communication skills and conflict management. Team building also creates dialog and collective agreement about cultural values and norms that a team wants to operate under. All our team building programs create go-forward agreements for working together.

Team Coaching

Once a team has established its cultural values and working agreements in a team building session, we highly recommend team coaching to support the team in applying its agreements and maintaining a positive and productive working culture. In the fast-moving business culture of today, teams need consistent and regular relationship tune-ups to:

  • Maintain high productivity
  • Positive communication
  • Surface problems (before they become festering wounds)
  • Co-create solutions that work for everyone

We create a cadence of workshops that works in the frequency desired by your team, usually monthly or quarterly, to keep your team running at high performance.


We design and deliver a variety of facilitated programs and workshops for teams and organizations. Classic designs include but are not limited to:

  • Strategy planning sessions
  • All-Hands meetings
  • Operational change planning
  • Stakeholder mapping and communication planning