Kathryn Santana Goldman

Kathryn Santana Goldman

Exectutive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Kathryn Santana Goldman, BSN, MS, provides professional development services to help leaders in business reach their full potential, increase their productivity and enhance their performance. She applies her skill as an accomplished coach, facilitator, and trainer to assess and meet the needs of her clients to take them to a higher level of skill and professional fulfillment. Over the past two decades, Kathryn has worked with leaders and leadership teams in a variety of organizations. She applies her scientific background to expand a leader’s knowledge of human behavior to enhance self-awareness and the understanding of those they lead.

Professional Background

Kathryn’s professional career includes over 20 years of managerial positions. As Vice President of Clinical Services for Health Resource Management in San Francisco, Kathryn managed 150 staff and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges that leaders face in building a business and creating a high performing team. Her corporate experience also includes leading enterprise level change management projects.


  • Transition into higher level of leadership
  • Communication relationship repair
  • Influence skills using applied neuroscience
  • Team performance
  • Organizational strategy and goal alignment

Passions and Interests

  • Travel and exploring new cultures and environments
  • Photography and participating in photography competitions
  • Attending live Jazz / Theater performances
  • Cooking for family and friends



EpiBiome Technologies
FivePrime Pharmaceuticals
Fuse Corp
Genentech Inc.
Portola, Pharmaceuticals
Roche Pharmaceuticals

  • Accelerated Change Management
  • Business Transformation (IBM)
  • Organizational Transitions (Bridges)
  • Grove Strategic Visioning
  • Grove Team Performance
  • Organizational Systems Coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
  • TK Conflict Assessment
  • CCL 360

BSN | San Jose State University
MS | San Francisco State University