Leadership Coaching for executives, managers and emerging leaders

Our one-on-one customized coaching is designed for individuals who are ready to take their leadership competencies to the next level. Using powerful focused individualized coaching, we help leaders close the gaps between where they are now and where they want to go. We coach them in identifying what’s mission critical to meet their leadership goals and in cultivating the key skills, abilities and behaviors needed to develop these competencies. For leaders in a new role, those promoted recently or passed over for a coveted promotion, those who have a new team or who sense their teams are not fully engaged, our individualized leadership coaching moves them onto the fast track for achieving excellence in leadership and team engagement.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Executive Presence: Leading with embodied confidence, credibility, calmness and connection
  • Facilitative Leadership: Convening teams and groups into authentic, value-driven conversations that produce meaningful action and commitment
  • Courageous Leadership: Engaging stakeholders, colleagues and direct reports in courageous conversations that develop authentic dialogue, resolve conflicts, and mediate cross-functional tensions. Results produce greater creativity, commitment and accountability
  • Engaged Leadership: Cultivating trust, respect and relationships with stakeholders, colleagues and direct reports, horizontally, vertically and diagonally

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Team Coaching for teams wanting deeper levels of engagement, commitment and achievement

Our approach to team coaching enables leaders and teams to identify challenges and success factors, to design clear communication and language skills, to strengthen group dialogue and action-planning skills, and to align on goals and direction. Aligned and allied team members know how to create and sustain trust, energy, commitment and results. Encouraging and sustaining engagement within working teams can be like riding an elephant—a rocking, rolling, somewhat unpredictable adventure. With team coaching, the elephant ride becomes more synchronized, highly productive and more enjoyable which promotes team satisfaction, coordination and individual achievement towards the team’s landmark goals.

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Individual Coaching for individuals ready to declare and create their future

Our one-on-one personal coaching is for individuals who want to lead meaningful lives of creative contribution, connection, depth and personal leadership. In personal coaching we offer fierce support for trying on new behaviors, practicing new skills, initiating important conversations (with a new toolkit) and embarking on new pathways. We help our clients keep the promises they’ve made to themselves. Individual coaching helps you:

  • Clarify your purpose, intention and goals
  • Design a path of development and growth
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Cultivate and manifest the goals, qualities and competencies you’ve declared
  • Celebrate risks taken, milestones achieved and big wins!

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Success Circles for leaders who want to meet their goals in small fiercely supportive teams

Success Circles are for leaders and individuals who work best in fiercely supportive groups of 3 or 4 people. Members share goals, take action, learn practices, and exchange support and camaraderie. These forward-moving groups meet biweekly for six months in a combination of in-person and conference-call meetings facilitated by Stephanie. Each team member receives three private coaching sessions during which they set goals, develop action plans or work through a challenge.

Benefits of Success Circles:
  • Value, fun, learning, energy, accountability, and accomplishment at a really affordable price!
  • Incalculable esprit de corps amplifies momentum, motivation, and achievement
  • Abundant group wisdom leveraged to address challenges, discover resources and find solutions
  • New friends, allies and an engaged network

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Facilitation for collaborative dialogue, problem solving, envisioning and action planning

Facilitation is for teams and groups that desire group meetings, dialogues and retreats to progress more purposefully, meaningfully and successfully toward actionable results. Using dialogue techniques and customized activities, we facilitate processes for your group to work together to achieve your end goals. Possibilities include: Strategic visioning, purposing, brainstorming, learning, problem-solving, decision-making, mapping and action planning..

Facilitation Domains:
  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Group and team meetings & retreats

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Training & Workshops for leadership and management development

By creating shared jargon, skills, practices, expectations and positive cultural attributes, group learning and practice can take whole teams, groups and organizations to their next level of performance. We design and deliver customized workshops on leadership and communication, and also deliver and customize off-the-shelf best in class workshops.

Training and Workshop domains:
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Leadership Challenge © Kouzes and Posner
  • Clear Communication and Accountability © Linda Galindo
  • Creativity in Business © Michael Ray & Rochelle Myers
  • Social Styles © Tracom

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Stephanie presents regularly to organizations, associations and teams. She also excels at combining presentation and facilitated group participation. Her presentations and workshops help listeners to discover powerful linkages and connections and give them potent tools for self-mastery and leadership.

Compelling topics:
  • Executive Presence
  • Neuroscience and Leadership
  • Best Practice Group Skills for Leaders
  • 4 Courageous Conversation Leaders Must Master

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