Domains of Expertise


Executive Presence

Calm   |   Confident   |   Grounded   |   Engaged   |   Credible

These are the capacities that define Executive Presence. They differentiate Executive Presence from Presence because these qualities are critical practices to lead with when we’re under pressure, especially in high stakes situations when decisions need to be made, emotions may be high and impacts will be felt. It is not about what you know; it’s about what you do.

Leaders who exude executive presence have learned how to focus their minds, center their bodies, and organize their self and the people around them towards a powerful commitment. They’ve developed powerful daily disciplines to be cool under pressure. These self-regulating disciplines are what we teach and coach so that you know what to do, what to practice and when to use them.

We provide training and coaching in executive presence that is customized to the pressures unique to your situation so that you can handle tension with composure and effectiveness. High stakes situations, crucial conversations, presentations, holding your own under attack, focus during chaos, standing alone… these are the circumstances we help you bring a calm, confident, capable presence to.

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Communication Mastery – Mastering the Art of Conversations

Listening   |   Collaborating   |   Facilitating   |   Coaching   |   Influencing   |   Speaking Truth

Collaborative – listening, blending and synergizing multiple perspectives

Facilitative – facilitating productive discussions in groups

Crucial – conducting conversations that embrace high stakes, strong emotions
and differing perspectives

Coaching – producing discovery, new action and accountability in another person

Accountability/Commitment – asking for, receiving and producing commitment

Appreciative – recognizing and celebrating contributions, milestones and goals achieved

Each of these conversations requires a unique set of influencing skills; all of them, if communicated with authenticity, earn you trust and respect. Failing to initiate any of these conversations reduces engagement and encourages poor results.

Take a moment to rank yourself from 1 to 10 (10 is high) on how well you produce productive results in these conversations. Then ask yourself on how timely you conduct these conversations – do you hold them when the situation calls for it or do you procrastinate? If you’re less than satisfied with your results or your timeliness, you probably need a different skill set and the confidence to use it.

We use a number of proven tools to increase your skill set and confidence including: Tracom’s Social Styles©, Crucial Conversations©, Emotional Intelligence tools and best in class facilitation skill sets.

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Starting   |   Launching   |   Moving forward   |   Taking action

Wayne Gretzky, the world’s most accomplished hockey player, said “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” These are motivating words! Yet almost all of us have experienced a time when it was hard to take a shot. There are a lot of different reasons why we don’t take a shot, begin a project or move forward on a goal. Some are:

  • We’re confused where to begin
  • We don’t know how to start
  • We don’t have the skills or resources
  • We don’t feel like it
  • We’re worried about making a mistake
  • We feel overwhelmed
  • We feel resistant or rebellious
  • We’re not sure we’re the right person for the task, project or role

In all of these reasons lies one common denominator – missing energy. Energy to sweep out confusion, step into the swamp, identify resources, get motivated by impact, be a learner, hold clarifying conversations, reduce commitments, ask for help, or re-delegate the work.

If we don’t have that missing energy, we need to get it. One of the best ways we’ve found is to have an energetic conversation with a partner – a friend, a coach, or a trusted colleague. That conversation is not about why you haven’t taken action; instead it’s about diving right into sorting out what you need to do, deciding on an action and then doing that action within 24 hours. Better yet, report back to your partner to hold yourself accountable.

Don’t have a trusted partner, friend or colleague to have that energetic conversation with? Call us. We’ll get you jumpstarted.

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